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Hire a Dwarf UK – Dwarves for Hire

Rent a Dwarf – Dwarf Hire UK

Here at The Minimen Dwarf Agency we are a group of male & female dwarves for hire. Our Dwarf Actors, Dwarf Entertainers and all other kinds of Dwarf Artists can be booked for virtually any TV, Film, Promotional or other type of Event Worldwide.

We are a diverse mix of extremely talented, versatile, charming and funny dwarf and short stature people for hire. Our short and Dwarf actors and Entertainers all have one aim; to make your movie, advertising campaign, project or event a huge success!

Myself (Steve) and Kevin own and run The MiniMen. Between us we have experience in the entertainment and movie business spanning over 20 years. We have been in massive blockbuster movies such as Snow White and the Huntsmen, Harry Potter, Dark Shadows and Your Highness to name but a few. Working alongside some of the biggest names in the business we have been part of massive productions and projects all over the world!

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Dwarves for Hire UK, London

Hire a Male / Female Dwarf in London & Natiowide

So what about the entertainment and promotional side of things? Well that’s right up our street too! We have a vast array of costumes and characters that we provide to clients worldwide and also have amazing and entertaining acrobats, gymnasts, fire breathers, dancers, character actors and many other acts.

What makes us different though? Well we are all of short stature! Entertainers and actors are ten a penny these days but Dwarf Entertainers and Actors provide you with a service that gives a LITTLE difference that other Artists simply can’t offer. You dream it, we do it!

While you’re here don’t forget to see us in action: Television & Films, Theatre & Stage, Events & Promo, Stunts.

Dwarf hire for worldwide bookings, casting calls and events. Hire a Dwarf from The MiniMen today!

Hire a Dwarf from The MiniMen!

Dwarf Actors & Entertainers for worldwide bookings, casting calls and events.

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