Hire A Dwarf - The International Agent for Dwarf Actors

… or should I say, What don’t we do!

So Dwarfs for hire you say? Why exactly would I hire a Dwarf?

We don’t just feature in the movies, we are also often stunt doubles, stand-ins or even body doubles for children, but it isn’t just the movies where you will find us. We are often featured in TV adverts for big brands and companies, TV shows, Tours, Theatre Productions, Music Festivals, Music Videos, Expeditions, Corporate Events and so much more!

Another big area of our work is in providing you with an entertainment package that will really make your event go off with a bang. We provide entertainment in Nightclubs, Bars, Restaurants, Weddings, Birthdays, Product Launches, Charity events, Fundraisers, Fete’s, Carnivals, Holiday Resorts, Theme Parks and a million other types of event.

Want a crew of Mini Security? We have the boys for the job!

Putting a short film together? We have been featured in LOADS of Shorts.

Want to launch your new product with a cool Ad? you bring the cameras we give you dwarf actors


A surprise Sing-O-Gram for the CEO in his office? …another of our specialties that people love every time.


Want a crew of Mini Angels to feature alongside the Bride in wedding photos, they don’t get much sweeter than our little Angels.

A team of Oompa Loompa’s to cater for your every need at a Childs Birthday or Corporate Party? Our dwarfs rarely go a single week of the year without being hired as Oompa Loompa’s for an event. We have even been flown out to Abu Dhabi to put on a Willy Wonka themed party for the Prince, which went down a storm! Entertaining Royalty at their Palace, the jobs don’t get much bigger than that! Here at the MiniMen our little guys can handle even the BIGGEST of jobs with ease.

These are just a few ideas that barely scratch the surface, as you will see there is literally no limit to what we do. If you can imagine it, then our Dwarf Entertainers and Dwarf Actors are available to do it. Hire a dwarf from us to guarantee memories that will last forever, magical moments caught on camera and film that will in even in years to come still continue to bring a smile.

Remember, it’s always money well spent creating the best event! Hire a dwarf today from The MiniMen.

Hire a Dwarf from The MiniMen today!

Dwarf Actors & Dwarf Entertainers for worldwide bookings, casting calls and events. Hire a Dwarf from The MiniMen today!

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