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Child Stunt Doubles – Dwarf Actors

Here at the MiniMen our Dwarf Actors and Stunt Doubles are available for a wide range of capacities such as:

  • Stunts and Child Stunts
  • Child Stand Ins
  • Wire Work
  • Martial Arts
  • Stage Combat
  • Swimming, Diving and Boxing
  • Horse riding
  • Gymnastics
  • Many Many More

Why would you use a little person instead of a child? Well aside from the legal reasons and for purposes of insurance these tasks require training and skill.

These skills take time to perfect to ensure that they are not only performed correctly and in time, but also that they are performed safely. Children are often unqualified and prevented from performing many of these activites by law.

Whenever you require a child stunt, a difficult prosthetic character, wire work or any other replacement, contact the MiniMen as we have an amazing and unique selection of artistes available to undertake any of the above mentioned.

When safety and efficiency are of paramount importance, do not compromise and hire a dwarf stunt actor from The MiniMen.

As our motto says Small Product, BIG impact. The MiniMen for when size really DOES matter!


Looking for a fully trained Stunt Dwarf? Hire a Dwarf Actor from The MiniMen today!

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